Why the World Needs Weirdos

The world is ruled by freaks and geeks. True fact. That boy from your third grade class who used to dissect flies with his pen cap? He’s now an MIT grad making robotic limbs, and the ‘popular kids’ who made fun of him are bagging his groceries.

Weirdos are, by definition, unique, eccentric, curious. They’re the folks who don’t just think outside the box, they live there. It’s never occurred to them to color in between the lines. What makes you weird makes you wonderful. It’s also the secret sauce for a successful life.

Here's why you need to let your freak flag fly:

Freaky feeds your fire

Maybe you like rock gardening. Or folding paper into flying birds. The heroine of my debut novel Copygirl enjoys sculpting dolls out of wax.

Kay is stuck in a rut, flailing at her high-pressure copywriting job because she’s burnt and uninspired. But a little voice urges her to dig out the shoebox of supplies in her closet and resume her abandoned hobby. And as weird as it makes her feel, losing herself in her quirk helps her find the inspiration she needs to kick butt at work and life.

Research proves that when we fully focus on what we enjoy, we get in a flow state, opening ourselves up to new ideas and alternative solutions. Getting your freak on will clear out the cobwebs, fuel your creativity, and light that fire that makes you leap out of bed dancing the Electric Slide.

Freaks get noticed

What makes us weird is what makes us stand out. When you have a special skill or unique feat, that’s what people will remember about you. So instead of blending in with the furniture, you shine in a room all your own. Wouldn't you rather be known for your adventures in spelunking than never noticed at all?

The freak club is more fun

If you embrace your weird passions or pastimes, you’ll find you are not alone. There are clubs, fan groups and communities for every interest under the sun. By putting yourself out there and doing your thing, you can meet ‘your people,’, be more social, and bond with kindred spirits who truly get you. Plus you will open yourself up to a whole lotta laughs. Never been to a Star Wars convention? Those freaks are having light years more fun.

Being freaky is easy

It’s a heck of a lot of work pretending to be someone you’re not. Copygirl Kay has spent the first twenty-six years of her life embarrassed by her penchant for daydreaming and all her other eccentricities. She’s convinced she has to ‘fake it to make it.’ But the truth is, it’s so much easier to be ourselves.

When you choose confidence and lose the self-doubt, you’ll finally have the energy to take on the bigger, better things you were born for.

Freaks are more marketable

Average people are two cents a dozen. The standouts are far more valuable. Being different gives you leverage, an edge, and it means you’ll have less competition. Just like that fly-decapitator from third grade who now rocks robotics, many of the world’s best inventors and innovators were notorious freaks.

So wave your own freak flag for all it’s worth and reap the rewards. You’ll find yourself in weirdly wonderful company.

Michelle Sassa is the author of the novel Copygirl. Her co-author is Anna Mitchael. Both women are, quite honestly, a little weird.

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