The Raring 20’s: What joy will you create this decade?

Every year I like to think of a slogan to encapsulate my vision for the next 365 days. Last year was ‘Living the dream in 2019.’ Before that, I was ‘Starting off clean in 2018.’ And I can't forget this nugget of poetic wordsmithing: ‘Everything’s great in 2008.’

But now there is a whole new decade ahead of us. At once it feels vast, overwhelming, and ripe with opportunity. How to quantify that?  

Someone on the interweb once said the best way to know where you’re going is to look at where you’ve been. Was it Maya Angelou? Or Google Maps?

So I decided to do this awesome Decade in Review exercise by my guru du jour and fellow Seton Hall grad Marie Forleo. She’s an inspiring life coach and author who teaches “how to create a business and life you love.”

And it was kind of amazing to look back and reflect on all I’ve accomplished in the last ten years. Besides gaining and losing the same ten pounds.

I remembered parking my butt in a chair for the 14 million sports games and school events my kids had, but then I realized, wow, I’d been able to arrange my life so I could be there and be present for 14 million sports games and school events. I also got to park my butt on some beaches like the one where Den and I honeymooned—with our kids by our side this time. That was a huge family goal. I love showing them the world through my eyes.

In the fitness world, sure, that pesky ten pounds came and went. But much more importantly I checked off boxes like joining a women’s soccer league, completing the Max Challenge and finishing a Tough Mudder where I got electroshocked and swam through an ice bath of antifreeze. Guess that makes me a tuff mutha?

Writing always feels like an uphill battle, I think everyone but 2% of Amazon bestsellers would say that. Taking stock helped me see how far I really did climb. From getting my own column and launching this blog to quadrupling my freelance business, working with my heroes and penning three books. I may not have scaled every mountain I want to reach yet, but I sure have enjoyed the view.

The best part of looking back was realizing that I actually did many of things I said I wanted to do. Some of it took a really long time, and much of it was wrought with setbacks, failures and me feeling like I was getting nowhere. But somehow, at the end of this last decade, voilà! Goals were achieved.

Recognizing just how much good we have the power to manifest in our own lives is powerful stuff.

Which got me thinking this will be the year of abundance. I’m not sure if my slogan should be: ‘The joy of plenty in 2020.’ Or simply, ‘Feeling plenty in 2020.’ It’s hard because not much else rhymes with twenty. Seventy? Cognoscenti? (It’s a shame I’m not a Rihanna fan, ‘cause then I could do something with Fenty.)

But maybe it’s time to think bigger. Use my newly recognized power and nickname the whole decade. Since I am raring to go, I’ve decided that from here on out, 2020-2029 shall now be known as The Raring Twenties.

Webster defines 'raring' as enthusiastic and eager to do something. As in, I’m ready to put myself out there and make good things happen. Are you with me people? Are you feeling plenty? That you have all you need and more? And if not, what are you gonna do to get off your keister and create whatever ‘more’ you’ve been wanting?

Make moves. Make waves. Make your own mantra.

The power is in the dreaming. The joy is in the doing.

I can’t wait to see what all of you do with your next decade. One thing’s for certain. We’ll never look as good as we do right now. My hope is, when I look back ten years from now, there will be plenty else to focus on and I won’t even notice.

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