Teaching Kids To Ride A Bike: Push, Pull or Pull Your Hair Out?

Back when I was a kid, swimming lessons consisted of your dad throwing you in the pool, and you quickly figuring out how not to drown. And, when you got too big for training wheels, off they came, and you were pushed down a hill, skinned-knees be damned. Hopefully pedaling your heart out.

These days, my husband I often struggle with the question of when to push our kids to learn new things, and when to just chill and let them be pulled by peers and other outside forces. The experts say push vs. pull parenting depends on the child. Some kids love a challenge. Others face them kicking and screaming.
taking off the training wheels and learning to ride

Extreme Make-over: Little Homewreckers Edition.

Sprucing up our home in the aftermath of toddlers

We’ve been in our house 10 years. Seven of them have included kids. Needless to say, the place has been looking quite lived in. Thanks to our three little bears, my Honey Do List reads like an insurance claim for Hurricane Toddler:

“Wall dent from repeated slamming of door, wall scuffs from leaning with shoes on, moulding cracks from radio-controlled cars, hole in wall from mom kicking it in a fit of frustration.”

You get the picture.

Overpriced American Girl Dolls: Better Than A Belly Button Ring?

Lately I’ve been wanting to bottle my daughter. Or freeze her. Or stop feeding her. Whatever it takes to stop her from growing and keep her this age forever.

My Bean is super tall for her age. I’m talking the 99th percentile among 6 year-olds for height. In other words, she looks like a 3rd grader.

It’s a challenge to find my girlie girl the dresses and skirts she still loves to wear, let alone anything that isn’t hootchie. All they ever seem to have in her size are skinny jeans, daisy dukes and halter tops. What is up with all the big girl clothes looking like they come with a stripper pole?