What's in an Effin Name?

Is Jimmy Kimmel onto the next celebrity trend, naming babies after curse words?

A few weeks back, Jimmy Kimmel announced on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" that he and his wife are having a baby. And while he joked about going all Kardashian and naming the kid either Karate or The Riddler, it was his choice for a middle name that I found hilariously inspiring.

Running Away Money

excerpted from the book, "The Feminine Mystake," coming soonish...

“Always have some running away money.”

This was the slice of optimistic advice I got from my Aunt right before I got married. A mother of four, she’d been married for two decades to a guy she caught making out with her babysitter. In her car. While she was out working to support the family. She left him so fast there were tire marks on his penis.