Why the World Needs Weirdos

The world is ruled by freaks and geeks. True fact. That boy from your third grade class who used to dissect flies with his pen cap? He’s now an MIT grad making robotic limbs, and the ‘popular kids’ who made fun of him are bagging his groceries.

Weirdos are, by definition, unique, eccentric, curious. They’re the folks who don’t just think outside the box, they live there. It’s never occurred to them to color in between the lines. What makes you weird makes you wonderful. It’s also the secret sauce for a successful life.

Here’s why you need to let your freak flag fly:

Real Life Peggy Olson

Psst. Can you keep a secret? Mad Men was my favorite TV show. Like ever. Shocker, I know, since I am an advertising copywriter. And my debut novel Copygirl chronicles the (ahem) fictional exploits of a female copywriter trying to beat the boys' club at their own inane game of keep-away. Not unlike Mad Men's Peggy Olson.