WEEKLY "WHAT TH–": Sex Checks for Soccer Chicks

Did you hear the one about the Iranian women's national soccer team? Turns out, four of its top players were really men, so now everyone in their pro league has to undergo a mandatory sex check to confirm they are in fact female.

World's Best Worst Mom

Those who know me from afar may have formed the impression that I've got my act together. I shower at least once a week, occasionally show up in an outfit that matches and doesn't include yoga pants, and my reasonably well-behaved kids turn homework in mostly on time, robotically saying please and thank you. I am, after all, a Virgo, the zodiac sign best known for the annoying trait of being perfectionists to a fault. So when I do screw up, people around me are blindsided.

parenting screw-ups, world's worst best mom

And my most recent faux pas? Boy was this one a doozy.

Chocolate Covered Oreos. A Cheap, Easy Way to Say I Love You.

A Valentine's Treat for the Baking Inept

michelle sassa,the feminine mistake, Cheap easy valentine's treat
Nothing says, “I love you” like chocolate. Nothing says, “I love myself” like a crowd-pleasing confection even the baking inept can bang out in ten minutes with stuff you have in the house.
I needed to send in a treat for my twins’ Valentine’s Party at school, and since it was also Show ‘n Tell day for the letter “O”, Oreos immediately came to mind. I had Nestle morsels and a box of candy hearts left over from last Valentine’s Day (they never go stale) so I was off and running. Chocolate Covered Oreos. Sweet, simple, genius. Without really trying.

WEEKLY "WHAT TH–": Plastic Surgery App for Girls

"Hey girls! How would you like to play DIY Doctor and perform liposuction right from the comfort of your own living room?"

Does anyone need further proof that the apocalypse is upon us?