Teach Kids Gratitude (And Maybe Someday They'll Thank You)

Much like turkey leftovers and food comas, my rerunning of this previous post has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Not because I'm too tired or lazy to write something new (okay, that might have been the case last year) but because we ALL need reminding to be happy with what we have, myself and my family included! Just the other day, we got my daughter a tank full of fish, and only  a few hours later she started begging us for a mouse. Clearly I have more work to do! But I'm 'tank full' for her, and I'm 'tank full' for all of you, my loyal and supportive readers! Hope you eat, drink and love until your hearts and bellies burst.        

 XO Michelle              

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We’ve nicknamed my daughter “Ms. More” because, since the day she was born, she's always angled to get more than she has. If I agree to let her have one cookie, she immediately wants two. Before I’m even done reading her a bedtime story, she’s already asking for another.

How To Brainstorm A Book

Guest Post by my writing partner, Anna Mitchael

So this is the thing. We didn’t actually start out writing a hilarious book about a twenty-something young woman searching for herself in the halls of an advertising agency. At first it was going to be a mystery with a male hero who goes looking for a troupe of dentists that kidnapped his pet walrus.

Michelle and I outlined the idea, then took it into an ad agency and we were like ‘HEY GUYS!’ (We screamed because it’s always really loud in ad agencies. You think it’s going to be quiet because, after all, aren’t these people being paid to think? But thinking only takes up 2% of every hour. The other 98% of the minutes are the preparation for thinking—the stretching of the legs, the shooting of the shit, the playing of the ping pong. Loud stuff.)