Silly For Lilly: How My BFF Survived the Pulitzer for Target Launch

Guest Post By Marisa Coar

This tale comes from my BFF, and like all great war stories our friends tell, when I heard it my response was, ‘I wish I had been there.’ I made Marisa blog about it since I couldn’t…

Let’s just be perfectly clear–I don’t do color. Black and grey are the hues of choice in my closet. Every once in a while, I go buck wild and wear navy, but that’s really it. So when my southern gal pal Suzanne called me to tell me about the ‘Lilly sale’ coming up at Target and how she would be there at 6:30 am on Sunday April 19th, my reaction was flat.

I had no idea that Lilly Pulitzer, the high-end brand known for its Palm Beach-inspired, bright prints, had designed a one-time only, limited edition collection for the low cost mega chain. Or that this news was whipping women the world over into more of a frenzy than the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The 'That Won't Be Us" Illusion

We're so busy, we don't know whether we're coming or going.
My older brother called the other day to invite us to a little get-together for his son’s birthday. When he gave me the date, I checked my calendar then started laughing like a teen snorting cough meds.

“Bro, I’m triple booked then,’ I rattled in that same annoying laundry-list voice all the other grade school parents I know can't help using to quantify how unequivocally busy we are.